Sunday, 22 March 2015 vs

A sudden “Goldrush” to buy the newest and latest mobile phone, has inadvertently created a secondary market for used cell phones. That is where and come into play.

In this review I will be covering three basic areas for each website.

Payment methods - How does someone get paid?
Postage - Is there a cost to send in a  phone?
Website - It's overall look, and ease of use.

How it works

            Each website seems to work the same. First go to a respective site and browse for your model phone. You will then receive a quote for the value of your phone.

After you settle on a price, simply fill in some vital information. Once all of the information has been entered, the company should  provide you with a prepaid shipping label, and then all you need to do is package the phone and drop it in the mail. After that just wait for check to arrive.

Payment Methods
There are multiple payment methods for this website to include check, bank transfer, and Argos card.
While I would've like to see more variety with websites like or PayPal these methods are simple enough to appeal to the average customer.

It is absolutely free to send in your mobile phone to and they provide you with labels.

Mostly all major cell phone brands are represented on this website. The website itself is easy to navigate.

Payment Methods
Bacs or PayPal seem to be the only options for this website at this time. Anyone without a bank account or access to PayPal would be out of luck.

It seems that its a little bit more difficult to send in your items to In some cases it can take up to 5 days just to receive your shipping envelope.


It seems like the major brands of phones are all represented on the site.. The website is colorful and easy to use. The only drawback is that some may find the pictures to be a bit, elementary.