Sunday, 22 March 2015

Cheap Unlimited Cell Phone Plans The Next Step in the Cell Phone Industry Evolution

As a college student, or young professional, money can be tight. No matter your financial situation, in order to secure a good carer you are going to need a cell phone. But what are the options for someone who has no real income to speak of, or worse yet, a bad credit score? What about someone on a tight budget? There is a solution to this problem, and more and more cell phone companies are starting to take notice.  As cell phone usage grows, cellular providers are beginning to realize that  cheap unlimited cell phone plans are the only viable long term solution for a customer.

While some companies are charging upwards of $100 every month, smaller upstart companies have begun to offer their customers  cheap unlimited cell phone plans. These phones come with features just like their competitors, but at a fraction of the price.

These features include unlimited texting, something that most Americans are in dire need of, as texting has become more popular than actually calling people.  High Speed Data access, as most phones are internet ready, and eat up a lot of memory and data, and of course unlimited nationwide talk. The days of long distance charges are over.

This has caused a ripple effect in the industry. More and more customers are canceling their subscriptions in favor of these cheap unlimited cell phone plans, and saving thousands of dollars in the process. Their bill has been reduced so significantly that these customers can now afford higher end phones.

Cheap unlimited cell phone plans really are the next step in the evolution of the cell phone industry. As more and more customers drop their contracts, and opt into prepaid and unlimited phone plans, the big companies are starting to see the writing on the wall. It's not a matter of if a company like Verizon or T-Mobile will begin to offer  cheap unlimited cell phone plans, its a matter of when.