Friday, 5 May 2017

Glass keyboard

Image Source -Hardware-Boom

You might feel bored while working with an ordinary and old computer keyboard. These keyboards contain plastic buttons with a tiny spring underneath, produces sound while typing. Everyone uses these old keyboards to work with their computer. With the advent of technology, the visual aspect of the keyboards is improved. A new type of glass keyboard is innovated with its customizable layout properties. Let us discuss beautiful glass keyboard:

Easy access to buttons

Remembering the buttons while typing on this keyboard will be easier to you compared to the traditional keyboards. A sophisticated touch sensor is there in this newly innovated keyboard to navigate the cursor on the screen. This keyboard is the right successor to the ordinary and boring analog keyboard.

Curved surface for easy typing

The new keyboard has some advantageous features. The curved surface of the keyboard will help the user to type smoothly. Glowing lights are there to make a feel of science fiction. 3 inbuilt cameras are there to track your hand's movement while typing. So it will help you to maintain an accurate posture of hands while working and also reduces errors.

Customizable layout

If you want to have a futuristic keyboard, glass keyboard will be appropriate for you. The keyboard includes customizable layouts which will prevent you to feel boring. You will be motivated while working as well as know to stay healthy.  The concept of wiping it off every day makes it healthier compared to other traditional keyboards in the market. If you like a little bit of science fiction in your daily life, this new keyboard will be the right option for you. The price of the keyboard matches with your budget so you can buy this and add a new thrill while interacting with your computer.

Certainly, you have received a lot of information about the new keyboard. So it is your turn to add this new accessory in your computer and work with fun and ease.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Project Tango

Virtual Reality is beginning to gain prominence in the news. With the introduction of the Samsung Gear VR headset and their release of the Samsung S7, not to mention the Playstation VR or even HTC’s Vive, VR technology is exciting and is going to swamp tech news in the months to come. One of the biggest items of news is going to be Google going into the next phase of VR and Project Tango.

So what is Project Tango? Project Tango is a technology platform that has been developed by Google. The project has been in the works for years under the aegis of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), which is an R&D outfit. Johnny Lee heads Project Tango. Tango was integrated into two prototype devices – the Yellowstone tablet and the Peanut phone – a couple of years ago. However, these prototypes were too expensive to mass market and in any case were meant more for developers (click here) and in some cases demos. 

This brings us to the question of what the Project Tango technology does. The platform processes information from a wide range of sensors in a very short time. These sensors can be infra-red cameras or wide-angle cameras or even infra-red emitters which are something along the lines of radar. Once processed, this gives the device 3-D motion tracking and depth sensing, which allows the device to know where exactly it is in relation to the rest of the room and how it is moving through the physical space around the user of the device.

These qualities make the device perfect for augmented reality, give you exact measurements of the dimensions in the room and even help with pathfinding indoors. Google has now partnered with Lenovo to bring this technology to the public via the first mobile phone which has Project Tango enabled on it. 

The whole point of Project Tango is that it creates a paradigm shift in the way we have used devices to interact with our environment. It can function and map indoors so it isn’t just dependent on GPS. It can ‘recognize’ environments it has already been to before and measure them accurately. Furniture shoppers could use such a feature to determine whether a piece of furniture could fit into the space. Applications can also be created that will help the user explore the space around them and even turn their worlds into virtual 3-D worlds.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

KnockYourVibe Knocks it Out of the Ballpark

My wife recommended a KnockYourVibe machine to me for christmas this year, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I have seen thus far. I am down 30lbs and I love it!

A few things I love about the KnockYourVibe is the look of the machine. It doesn’t come across as clunky, or outdated. It has a sleek design that meshes will with my home, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

On top of that, the power that the KnockYourVibe generates is impressive. Just standing on it for a few min makes me feel like I have been working out for hours. The best part is, that the motor on the KnockYourVibe machine is silent. Dead silent. Which is great because I live in an apartment complex, and my walls are paper thin. This allows me to work out in peace, and not worry about my neighbors lodging a complaint with my landlord.

The size of the machine is very manageable. It fits in my bedroom easily, and allows plenty of room to maneuver. I have seen other vibration machines take up twice the space, so it's such a blessing that I don’t have to worry about it with the KnockYourVibe.

I found out this new mobile phone website which is quite good, check it out:

Set Your Weight Loss into Overdrive with the Hypervibe Vibration Machine

The Hypervibe Vibration Machine is a wonder of modern technology, and a must have for any serious fitness enthusiast.

Utilizing top vibration technology, and priced at a fraction of the cost of similar machines, the Hypervibe blows away its competition with ease.

When I first received the Hypervibe I was absolutely stunned by the sheer power that this machine generates. By producing such an impactful workout, this machine generates about 5-8Gs, which is perfect for weight-loss and muscle toning. The best part is that the machine is so quiet I can workout with my newborn daughter in the room and not be afraid that it will wake her from her sleep.

While I was a bit skeptical at first, after using the Hypervibe ,I can say for sure, that this is a must own machine. It was well worth the price that I paid, and in all honesty, I will be recommending it to a friend of mine who is currently looking for a body vibration machine.

How SMS Marketing and SMS Alerts Can Be Used By Universities and Educational Institutions

Mobile Web use is growing at an unbelievable speed, with newest analysis forecasting that cell phones will overtake PCs as the most typical Web access program in just a few years to come. SMS marketing for schools, therefore, must have an element that controls this interesting new route. Obviously, prior to starting to make use of precious marketing resources, examine for yourself. Using Google Statistics, examine just how much of your present visitors are originating from mobile gadgets. This will give you an indication of how important this marketing option has become and how fast the standard Web has been transformed right into a mobile marketing tool.

Students are one of many main categories of those who do texting; the youngsters in particular have perfected the art of writing information in shortened "text talk" very fast, accomplishing an effective, personal type of communication with their colleagues. Additionally, the number of teens owning phones has considerably increased recently; approximately 90% of learners in higher education own a phone. The boom is due to technological developments, more affordable charges and more community experience of phones. All this implies that text message alerts come as the perfect platform for delivering out informative information regarding students ‘education, at low costs and successfully.
The advantages of incorporating SMS into school lifestyle are awesome, possible uses consist of cancellation notifications, personal disclosure of results, announcements (e.g. school, timetables) in addition to promotional options. Furthermore, schools would be able to offer good support to learners, with 2 way SMS technology; learners can reply messages sent to them, which can be delivered to the schools inbox. This personal type of communication could be used to break down the problems students have in both in school at home.
 Whilst the long run good aftereffects of phone use are still unclear, in particular with kids, SMS is really a much more secure alternate for communication. As more students opt for phones filled with the newest technology, Mobile Survey shows that phone criminal activity will start to reduce due to raised protection, phone monitoring and the networks capability to bar phones within 24 hours.
 Properly handled SMS will work quite well in schools; it would successfully utilize modern tools and take school communication to the next millennium. Text to join performs exceptionally well in huge, group text messaging, in addition to one on one contact. Students can discuss independently about personal problems, in their particular time, which could have previously been a challenge. With the ability to monitor information, schools can monitor exactly when the students get information which doubles up as a review program.

Even the academies in many countries now use text messaging for a wide selection of purposes. Management and fund offices, instructors and professors, and student organizations before had troubles in delivering their information, especially to the learners. Today, they could communicate to anyone anywhere in no time. Announcements of fees, all about games, additional reports and projects, and other important information is actually sent through written text messages. Other purposes of bulk SMS in institutions is voting in student council elections, notifying learners about loan assessments for collection, and announcing job opportunities, among  many more others. vs

A sudden “Goldrush” to buy the newest and latest mobile phone, has inadvertently created a secondary market for used cell phones. That is where and come into play.

In this review I will be covering three basic areas for each website.

Payment methods - How does someone get paid?
Postage - Is there a cost to send in a  phone?
Website - It's overall look, and ease of use.

How it works

            Each website seems to work the same. First go to a respective site and browse for your model phone. You will then receive a quote for the value of your phone.

After you settle on a price, simply fill in some vital information. Once all of the information has been entered, the company should  provide you with a prepaid shipping label, and then all you need to do is package the phone and drop it in the mail. After that just wait for check to arrive.

Payment Methods
There are multiple payment methods for this website to include check, bank transfer, and Argos card.
While I would've like to see more variety with websites like or PayPal these methods are simple enough to appeal to the average customer.

It is absolutely free to send in your mobile phone to and they provide you with labels.

Mostly all major cell phone brands are represented on this website. The website itself is easy to navigate.

Payment Methods
Bacs or PayPal seem to be the only options for this website at this time. Anyone without a bank account or access to PayPal would be out of luck.

It seems that its a little bit more difficult to send in your items to In some cases it can take up to 5 days just to receive your shipping envelope.


It seems like the major brands of phones are all represented on the site.. The website is colorful and easy to use. The only drawback is that some may find the pictures to be a bit, elementary.

Cheap Unlimited Cell Phone Plans The Next Step in the Cell Phone Industry Evolution

As a college student, or young professional, money can be tight. No matter your financial situation, in order to secure a good carer you are going to need a cell phone. But what are the options for someone who has no real income to speak of, or worse yet, a bad credit score? What about someone on a tight budget? There is a solution to this problem, and more and more cell phone companies are starting to take notice.  As cell phone usage grows, cellular providers are beginning to realize that  cheap unlimited cell phone plans are the only viable long term solution for a customer.

While some companies are charging upwards of $100 every month, smaller upstart companies have begun to offer their customers  cheap unlimited cell phone plans. These phones come with features just like their competitors, but at a fraction of the price.

These features include unlimited texting, something that most Americans are in dire need of, as texting has become more popular than actually calling people.  High Speed Data access, as most phones are internet ready, and eat up a lot of memory and data, and of course unlimited nationwide talk. The days of long distance charges are over.

This has caused a ripple effect in the industry. More and more customers are canceling their subscriptions in favor of these cheap unlimited cell phone plans, and saving thousands of dollars in the process. Their bill has been reduced so significantly that these customers can now afford higher end phones.

Cheap unlimited cell phone plans really are the next step in the evolution of the cell phone industry. As more and more customers drop their contracts, and opt into prepaid and unlimited phone plans, the big companies are starting to see the writing on the wall. It's not a matter of if a company like Verizon or T-Mobile will begin to offer  cheap unlimited cell phone plans, its a matter of when.