Sunday, 22 March 2015

Live Casino Game

It is exhilarating to challenge the limits and to jump at any opportunity available, and that is exactly what makes casinos so much fun. The rush of a casino is unlike anything one can experience online, as the existence of real people being real contenders add an unbeatable form of thrill into the overall experience. Travelling to a casinos considered to be a dream come true for many, and so, they travel there during holidays, though few know the live casino games by heart.

Live Three Card Poker

With an aim to get the three best cards from a successful deal and with variable chances at victory, a bet must be made before the cards are dealt. From that point, the player can either fold (give up the hand) or bet again to raise the stakes. If the player’s hand, at the end of the round, is higher than the ‘Queen high’ card of the dealer, then victory goes to the player.

Live Baccarat

This popular guessing game has taken the world by storm since its invention. The aim is simple; choosing either the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand to contain the card value closest to 9. Bets can be made on the guesswork, and chances can be raised higher with each deal. There is also the possibility of a tie when both the hands have the exact same card value.

Live Blackjack

Anyone who has heard of casino games has heard of blackjack. This is another game where the player challenges the dealer into dealing high level cards. In this game, the Jack, the Queen and the King are 10, and the Ace is 1 or 11 depending on the overall hand. The objective is getting a score of 21 (or close), but the trick is to not go over 21. If this limit is crossed, then the game is lost. It’s all up to luck in this one, as you have to be dependent on the deals you are getting.

Live Hold’em

An advancement from the three card poker, this five card game requires both luck and skill to land a victory. The community cards that are set aside at first, can be used to combine with two additional cards that the dealer deals during the game. Two extra cards must be removed carefully, and the resulting five cards will show the end result; which needs to be higher than the result of the dealer’s hand.

Live Roulette

Different from the typical card game, a roulette is the simplest game in a casino. You just choose a number, spin the wheel, throw the ball, and pray that you land a big one. It’s exciting, it’s fun and it’s lively; just as all casino games are. Make bets on the number you chose, and if your ball does land there, then you hit the jackpot!