Friday, 5 May 2017

Glass keyboard

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You might feel bored while working with an ordinary and old computer keyboard. These keyboards contain plastic buttons with a tiny spring underneath, produces sound while typing. Everyone uses these old keyboards to work with their computer. With the advent of technology, the visual aspect of the keyboards is improved. A new type of glass keyboard is innovated with its customizable layout properties. Let us discuss beautiful glass keyboard:

Easy access to buttons

Remembering the buttons while typing on this keyboard will be easier to you compared to the traditional keyboards. A sophisticated touch sensor is there in this newly innovated keyboard to navigate the cursor on the screen. This keyboard is the right successor to the ordinary and boring analog keyboard.

Curved surface for easy typing

The new keyboard has some advantageous features. The curved surface of the keyboard will help the user to type smoothly. Glowing lights are there to make a feel of science fiction. 3 inbuilt cameras are there to track your hand's movement while typing. So it will help you to maintain an accurate posture of hands while working and also reduces errors.

Customizable layout

If you want to have a futuristic keyboard, glass keyboard will be appropriate for you. The keyboard includes customizable layouts which will prevent you to feel boring. You will be motivated while working as well as know to stay healthy.  The concept of wiping it off every day makes it healthier compared to other traditional keyboards in the market. If you like a little bit of science fiction in your daily life, this new keyboard will be the right option for you. The price of the keyboard matches with your budget so you can buy this and add a new thrill while interacting with your computer.

Certainly, you have received a lot of information about the new keyboard. So it is your turn to add this new accessory in your computer and work with fun and ease.

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